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Keeping it Real Edition Milestone Cards

Keeping it Real Edition Milestone Cards

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Parenting is not always pretty! Use these hilarious cards to showcase those not so pretty moments. Trust us,  it's easier to laugh through it!  In a gender neutral monochrome design,  these cards are a great baby shower gift idea.

Includes 10 cards, each one a little different to the rest:

Today I did a poo explosion                                        Today I did a poo in the bath.                                Today I said my first swear word
Today I was caught eating the dogs food
I am Picasso!  You can find my artwork on the wall
Did you know?  I'm the reason mummy drinks
Today I vomited all over (space left for you to write who)  
Pass the coffee. We were up every hour!          Teething sucks!  I chew on everything including Mummy                                                                   Today I had my first diva moment in public

Each card is standard postcard size (A6) and are printed on thick, durable matte paper (300gsm) and designed at Little Wellington Co HQ. 

These milestone cards are packaged in a cute drawstring bag- perfect for gifting!  


Some artwork by Pixel Gardens